About Us

Enso is a boutique wellness hub located in the heart of Georgetown, Penang. Established in 2012, Enso offers traditional massage therapy that abides by the long-standing principles of Chinese and Thai reflexology. Offering top-notch service and luxurious ambiance at a very reasonable price, the flagship branch of Enso has become the destination choice among locals, with a bustling UNESCO World Heritage backdrop.

Since 2012, Enso has been spreading its unique brand of wellness and relaxation from Georgetown to Lebuh Pantai in Penang, and Alor Setar in Kedah. All massage therapists at Enso originate from China and Thailand, and are highly skilled in reflexology. As a part of the CCK Group of Companies, Enso aims to grow and spread its brand of wellness throughout Malaysia in the near future.

Outlet Location

Icon City       Burma Road      Alor Setar